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STEP Academy is a 6-12 Charter School in St Paul, MN. It is our vision to promote college-readiness by ensuring that all students are motivated to academic excellence, can qualify to obtain college credit while in high school, are fully prepared to enter college and graduate, with the critical knowledge and skills required for employment in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) careers. As a public school open to all students, it also reaches out to students who are underserved by traditional schools and are underrepresented within STEM fields.


STEP Academy, our students will achieve our Vision as they explore Science, Technology, and Mathematics as well as other supporting coursework and critical thinking skills, as a vehicle for college success. Through faculty mentoring, innovative teaching and classroom technology, and participation in experiential learning, students will readily translate what they learn to real world environments. In collaboration with local community, state, and private colleges and universities, STEP Academy students will be encouraged to qualify for and take as many post-secondary educational courses.

  • Coming to School
  • Learning at School
  • Student Behavior at School
  • Communicating with the School
  • Food and Meals at School
  • Healthy Students Make a Healthy School
  • School Property and Personal Property
  • Student Safety Issues
  • Miscellaneous Items