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Andy Unseth
ELL K-2nd Grade Teacher
Sahra Abdisalan
Classroom EA
Fadumo Mohamed
Classroom EA
Abdulkani Nur
Classroom EA
Bilad Ibrahim
Kindergarten EA
Adar Ywswf
Brandon Mortenson
Christina Smith
Fifth Grade
Kara Hanson
Fourth Grade
Trent Substad
Fourth Grade
Hannah Treptow
Third Grade
Cara Fisher
Third Grade
Katie Strand
Second Grade
Amelia Davis
Second Grade
Jessica Rames
First Grade
Aleshia Weiss
Linda Prince
College Readiness
Malcolm Currie
ELA/Social Studies 6
Sydney Jones
Ellyn Thompson
MS/HS Reading Intervention
Omar Fiqi
ES Math Intervention
Jacob Norwick
ES Math Intervention
Darlah Krug
ES Math Intervention
Billie Stensby
ES Reading Intervention
Kristen Holsten
ES Reading Intervention
Frank Straub
ES Reading Intervention
Mohamed Mohamed
Hassan Yussuf
Yasmin Hussein
Secondary SPED
Mariah Gavin
Secondary SPED
Freedom Hunt
Secondary SPED
Abdiqadir Mohamed
Secondary SPED
Mari McDonald
HS Biology/Life Science
Emma Olson
SPED Coordinator
Shantana Smith
Said Ibrahim
Behavior EA
Jude Vales
Assistant Dean of Students
Kathryn Martin
Dean of Students
Suado Moalin
Administrative Assistant
Edward Davis
ELL 3-5th Grade Teacher

Ed and his family have lived in St. Paul for 20 plus years.  He enjoys the smaller-town feel of the city.  In addition to teaching, Ed likes working/playing in the outdoors and remodeling projects. ‪(612) 444-1025
Mahdi Elmi
Jaimie Vogel
Kindergarten 1110
Rani Hayden
Dean of Instruction & ELL Coordinator
Sulekha Kilas
SPED Para K-5 Grades
Toly Swenson
SPED 6-8th Grade Para
Maryan Moalin
SPED K-12 Grades Para
Andy Tholen
Assistant Dean of Students Secondary 1226
Nasra Dahir
MS Social Studies
Abirashid Hajir
Food Service Assistant & ELL EA
Fadumo Mohamud

I am as Dr Mustafa says “the face of the school” which is a title I hold dearly. I love the opportunity I get here at STEP Academy that is, to be the face that welcomes anyone who walks in. I get to see people on their first day with nervous voice to them joining the community we have here at STEP. I am an English Major and a creative writing minor at Metropolitan State University. I have been blessed enough to see so much at a young age. I love traveling, I love sports, and most of all I love helping others and I get to help others full time here at STEP Academy as a office staff member. I go by Fadumo or iido or as the kids refer to me as “aunti the office lady.” 1120
Rahima Sheikh Omar
Nawal Sheikh Omar
First Grade 1109
Anisa Ali
Arabic & Office Support
Awhil Omar
Secondary SPED 1106
Sadiq Mohamud
Security & Transportation Coordinator
Chris Welter
Physical Ed. & Health Teacher

The thing that I really enjoy about working at STEP Academy is the sense of community and teamwork that is present in the staff members, faculty, and students.  What drew me to become an educator was the enjoyment that I had when I first started coaching sports.  Being a source of positivity in someone’s life is something that I look forward to everyday and something that I hope I can be for a long time.  When I am not teaching I enjoy running, hiking, biking and really just being outside as well as staying in and watching my favorite sports teams (Vikings, Twins, and Oklahoma University). 1226
Keeley Tholen
Assistant Academic Dean 1225
John Ritchart
HS Science 1213
Luke Olson
HS Math

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls with a degree in secondary education in math with a coaching minor.  I enjoy the students’ willingness to help each other learn at STEP.  I integrate STEM into teaching every day! Math is 25% of STEM!  I don’t remember exactly what made me decide to be a teacher, but I am happy I am doing it.  Outside of school I do woodworking and home remodeling. 1212
Wayne Nelson
HS ELL 1104
Ahmed Mursal
Assistant Director of Operations 1119
Traci Moore
Academic Dean 1220
Mohamed Mohamoud
Community & Parent Coordinator
Ali Balagot
MS Math

I graduated from MNSU Mankato in December 2016.  Before becoming a full time teacher I was a full time student at MNSU Mankato, and I was an intervention teacher at Cottage Grove Elementary School for a few months.

I love the environment and the people at STEP, as the teachers are all great & the students are always keeping me on my toes!  We incorporate many different technology resources to better understand the world through math!

Ever since I was a little girl I always dreamed of being a teacher and helping students LOVE learning as much as I did as a kid! 1205
Mustafa Ibrahim

I am the school director at STEP Academy. 1107
Hannah Samuelson
HS Social Studies 1207
Noelle Heinzen
Kindergarten 1112
Mitsy Harbeck
Elementary/Secondary SPED 1001
Megan Crawford
Fifth Grade

My favorite thing about working at STEP is the students. My students have such interesting, unique stories to tell and are always ready with a joke. I became a teacher to inspire a love of learning in my students and continue my own learning. 1103
Zinat Chowdhury
MS Science 1204
Jessica Chapman
M.S. ELA 1202
Marwa Borghol
Secondary Arabic 1208