Emmy Ford

Second Grade, Elementary

Room: 108
Email: eford@stepacademymn.org

Zachary Roberts

Elementary PE/STEM, Elementary Teachers

Room: Gym Office
Email: zroberts@stepacademymn.org

Ayan Issa

Fifth Grade, Elementary Teachers

Room: 103
Email: aissa@stepacademymn.org

Mahdi Elmi

Fourth Grade, Elementary Teachers

Room: 102
Email: melmi@stepacademymn.org

Heidi Allen

Third Grade, Elementary Teachers

Room: 105
Email: hallen@stepacademymn.org

Jaimie Vogel

Kindergarten, Elementary Teachers

Room: 111
Email: jvogel@stepacademymn.org

Alesha Weiss

Kindergarten, Elementary Teachers

Room: 110
Email: aweiss@stepacademymn.org

Bao Qingmei

Chinese , High School

Room: 208
Email: bqingmei@stepacademymn.org

Katie Thompson

Phy Ed, High School Teachers

Room: Gym Office
Email: kthompson@stepacademymn.org

Zamzam Ahmed

ELA / Social Studies 6, Middle School Teachers

Room: 206
Email: zahmed@stepacademymn.org

Rani Hayden

Reading Intervention. Middle School, High School, Intervention

Email: rhayden@stepacademymn.org

Sulekha Kilas

Para Grades K-5, Special Education

Email: skilas@stepacademymn.org

Toly Swenson

Para grades 6-8, Special Education

Email: tswenson@stepacademymn.org

Maryan Moalin

Para K-12, Special Education

Email: mmoalin@stepacademymn.org

Rebecca Endert

ES Behavior Specialist, Office Staff

Room: 111
Email: rendert@stepacademymn.org

Andy Tholen

Attendance / Resource Room, Office Staff

Room: 204a
Email: atholen@stepacademymn.org

Nasra Dahir

Building Sub / H.S. Social Studies support, Office Staff

Email: ndahir@stepacademymn.org

Abirashid Hajir

Food Service Assistant, Office Staff

Email: ahajir@stepacademymn.org

Fadumo Mohamud

Receptionist, Office Staff

Room: Main Office
Email: fmohamud@stepacademymn.org

Ibtisam Ibrahim

special education para, High School

Email: iibrahim@stepacademymn.org

Rahima SheikhAhmed

building substitute and ELL, Elementary

Email: rsheikhahmed@stepacademymn.org

Nawal SheikhOmar

First Grade EA, Elementary

Room: 109
Email: nsheikhomar@stepacademymn.org

Bilad Ibrahim

Kindergarten EA, Elementary

Room: 112
Email: bibrahim@stepacademymn.org

Allisen Merrill

High School ELA, High School

Room: 210
Email: amerrill@stepacademymn.org

Hebba Aburia

Office Manager, Office Staff

Room: Main Office
Email: haburia@stepacademymn.org

Anisa Ali

Third Grade, Elementary

Room: 105
Email: aali@stepacademymn.org

Awhil Omar

Secondary Special Education, High School

Room: 106
Email: aomar@stepacademymn.org

Mona Elnahrawy

Building Sub., Support Staff

Email: mona@stepacademymn.org

Chris Welter

Dean of Students, Academic Leadership Team

Room: 204a
Email: cwelter@stepacademymn.org

Nick Welsh

M.S. Social Studies, Middle School

Room: 201
Email: nicholas@stepacademymn.org

Keeley Tholen

Academic Coordinator, Academic Leadership Team

Room: 2nd floor office
Email: ktholen@stepacademymn.org

Kate Swensen

English Language Learners (ELL) Teacher, Elementary

Room: 111
Email: kswensen@stepacademymn.org

Frank Straub

Fourth Grade, Elementary

Room: 102
Email: fstraub@stepacademymn.org

Sally Spreeman

Reading Intervention, Elementary, Elementary

Room: 101
Email: sspreeman@stepacademymn.org

Claire Ryan

Math RTI, Elementary

Room: 101
Email: cryan@stepacademymn.org

John Ritchart

H.S. Science, High School

Room: 213
Email: jritchart@stepacademymn.org

Luke Olson

H.S. Math, High School

Room: 212
Email: lolson@stepacademymn.org

Matt Nupen

STEM Integration, Academic Leadership Team

Room: Maker Space
Email: mnupen@stepacademymn.org

Wayne Nelson

English Language Learners (ELL) Teacher, ELL

Room: 104
Email: wayne@stepacademymn.org

Ahmed Mursal

Security/Family Liaison, Support Staff

Room: Security Desk
Email: amursal@stepacademymn.org

Traci Moore

Academic Dean, Administration

Room: 2nd Floor Office
Email: tmoore@stepacademymn.org

Mohamed Mohamoud

SPED Para, Special Education

Room: Library
Email: mmohamoud@stepacademymn.org

Molly McGuire

1st Grade, Elementary

Room: 109
Email: mmcguire@stepacademymn.org

Ginny Maurer

Reading Coordinator, Academic Leadership Team

Room: 101
Email: gmaurer@stepacademymn.org

Ali Manning

M.S. Math, Middle School

Room: 205
Email: amanning@stepacademymn.org

Jeena Lentz

2nd Grade, Elementary

Room: 108
Email: jlentz@stepacademymn.org

Mustafa Ibrahim

Director, Administration

Room: 107
Email: mustafa@stepacademymn.org

Deeqa Hussein

Secondary Special Education, High School

Room: 106
Email: dhussein@stepacademymn.org

Hannah Henley

H.S. Social Studies, High School

Room: 207
Email: hhenley@stepacademymn.org

Noelle Heinzen

Kindergarten, Elementary

Room: 112
Email: nheinzen@stepacademymn.org

Mitsy Harbeck

ES Special Education, Elementary

Room: 100 (Cafeteria)
Email: mharbeck@stepacademymn.org

Allison Gurney

MS Science / HS Biology / STEM, High School

Room: 209
Email: agurney@stepacademymn.org

Matt Greene-Delanghe

M.S. Reading, High School

Room: 203
Email: mgreenedelanghe@stepacademymn.org

Megan Crawford

Fifth Grade, Elementary

Room: 103
Email: mcrawford@stepacademymn.org

Zinat Chowdhury

M.S. Science, Middle School

Room: 204
Email: zinat@stepacademymn.org

Jessica Chapman

M.S. ELA, Middle School

Room: 202
Email: jchapman@stepacademymn.org

Marwa Borghol

Arabic, High School

Room: 208
Email: marwa@stepacademymn.org

Regia Begum

Math RTI, Intervention

Room: 208
Email: rbegum@stepacademymn.org

Debbie Bartlett

Special Education Coordinator, Academic Leadership Team

Room: 1st Floor Office
Email: dbartlett@stepacademymn.org

Tamany AbouAiad

Math Coordinator/ Math RTI, Administration

Room: 208
Email: tamany@stepacademymn.org

Mohamed Abdurahman

Asst. Director, Administration

Room: 1st Floor Office
Email: mohamed@stepacademymn.org